Irsee Monastery

  • Distance: approx. 15 km
  • General information:
    • great sight of the monastery and resort, former imperial abbey of the Benedictines Refreshments in the “Klosterbräu” with your own beer
    • Guided tours in the brewing museum are possible every day from 9 am to 7 pm


  • Distance: approx. 17 km
  • General information: Founded in the 8th century, free imperial city, approx. 44,000 inhabitants
  • Worth seeing:     
    • historic old town with city wall     
    • Crescentia monastery     
    • Birth houses of Sopie von La Roche and Cresentia von Kaufbeuren    
    •  Puppet theater museum with dolls from Europe and Asia     
    • Art house with changing exhibitions


  • Distance: approx. 11 km
  • General information: 13,000 inhabitants, district town of the Unterallgäu district, founded: late 12th century
  • Worth seeing:     
    • picturesque old town     
    • Mindelburg: Birth of Georg von Frundsberg (“father of the country servants”), direct view of the city
    • Local history museum, textile museum, archaeological museum etc. (information: 08261 6964)    
    • City tours every second and last saturday of the month, no registration required, meeting point: 2:30 p.m. at theatre place


  • Distance: approx. 40 km
  • General information: 40,000 inhabitants, 3rd largest urban district, located in the Memminger valley (geological basin of the last ice age)
  • Worth seeing:     
    • picturesque old town     
    • Begging tower     
    • town hall     
    • Witch tower     
    • Parisian house     
    • City Ottobeuren: with a unique baroque basilica


  • Distance. approx. 60 km General information: 16,000 inhabitants, Bavaria’s highest town, surrounded by 11 lakes, wild mountains and gentle Allgäu hills
  • Worth seeing:     
    • Neuschwanstein Castle: fairytale dream castle of King Ludwig II, view of Alpsee and Pöllatschlucht
    • Hohenschwangau Castle: another castle built by King Ludwig II. , in 1836 prepared by Crown Prince Maximilian of Bavaria    
    •  Benedictine monastery St. Mang


  • Distance: approx. 55 km
  • General information: 250,000 inhabitants, third largest city in Bavaria, founded in 15 BC. by the roman emperor Augustus, by the Fugger and Welser it became a world city
  • Worth seeing:     
    • Maximilian Museum: handicrafts, coats of arms, architectural models     
    • Dominican church: archaeological finds from the Roman period     
    • Town Hall: renaissance building with a golden hall, open every day     
    • Fuggerei: founded in 1521 as the oldest social settlement in the world, model apartment in the museum can be visited    
    •  zoo     
    • Botanical Garden

Ammersee Region

  • Distance: approx. 50 km to City Stegen
  • General information: the lake covers an area of ​​47 km² with its water, view of the Zugspitze in good weather
  • Worth seeing:     
    • Herrsching: right at the foot of the Andechs monastery mountain, which offers the most visited pilgrimage church in Bavaria     
    • Dießen: old craftsmanship right on the lake in the exhibition pavilion     
    • Utting and Fischen

Landsberg am Lech

  • Distance: approx. 25 km
  • General information: approx. 41,000 inhabitants, founded in the 12th century, large salt trading town around 1268
  • Worth seeing: historic old town in baroque style with a well-preserved wall ring     
    • Lechwehr     
    • old mountain road: we go shopping earlier, note: 18% slope     
    • Bayertor: Gothic gate, fairytale mother tower     
    • Witch district and lard tower     
    • Town Hall: gem of the city, built by plasterer Dominikus Zimmermann     
    • Parish church (Gothic)     
    • Wild park “Pössinger Au”


  • Distance: approx. 80 km
  • General information: 1,388.00 inhabitants, enlargement of the small market town around the middle of the 16th century to become today’s state capital of Bavaria
  • Worth seeing:     
    • Culture/Art: Old and New Pinakothek, Bavarian National Museum, Gallery in Lenbachhaus     
    • Antiquity/Archeology: Glyptothek, state collection of antiquities     
    • Palaces: Nymphenburg Palace with a large park, treasury of the residence     
    • Nature/technology: Deutsches Museum, Museum Mensch und Natur     
    • English Garden: large park with beer gardens, bike paths, swimming lake and a wonderful view of the Chinese tower     
    • Oktoberfest on the Theresienwiese     
    • Olympic Park


  • Distance: approx. 100 km
  • General information: large lake with 273 km of bank length, three countries border on it (Switzerland, Austria, Germany)
  • Worth seeing:     
    • Location Lindau: center of the Bavarian shores of Lake Constance, historic old town with town hall in gothic style     
    • Mainau Island: diverse botanical island such as rose plant, butterfly garden, herb garden     
    • Reichenau Island


  • Distance: approx. 60 km
  • General information: approx.68,000 inhabitants
  • Worth seeing: southernmost holiday region in germany, metropolis Allgäu    
    • various museums for historical interest     
    • Cambodunum: hands-on Roman culture     
    • Collegiate Church of St.Lorenz     
    • City tours possible every saturday without registration     
    • large town hall square