Therme Vital

Thermal bathings – the world of thewell-being

As the only 4-stars hotel in bathWörishofen we spoil our guests with anin-house thermal bath with naturalthermal sole. Have a bath under adreamlike star sky and listen in to themysterious sounds of the underwatermusic.

In our swimming-pool you can be reallyactive!
Pull here your roads by our eleven-metre-long washbasin or feel the wateropposition in the gentle training duringthe Aquagymnastik.

Thermal bathings

In the health resort-local medicinethermal sole baths have a centuries oftradition. The thermal sole cures areaimed with skin deseases, are used Rheumatismus and furnace mouth aswell as as inhalations with breath wayillnesses.

In the ANGERHOF Vitaltherme used Sülbeeker thermal sole isdetermined exclusively for the externaluse as well as for the inhalation and caninfluence with material-appropriate usethe following illness forms positively:

Rheumatic tables illnesses

The application of thermal sole isrecommendable with almost allrheumatic tables discomfort (e. g. , witharthritis, degenerative joint illnesses, change of the backbone andWeichteilrheumatismus).

Heart illnesses and circulatory illnesses

The unstable hypertension can bestabilised very well with thermal baths. Good experiences are also given for thetreatment of arteriosklerotischenvascular disturbances.

Illnesses of the upper respiratory tract

The treatment of unspecific catarrhs ofthe airways by inhalation is one of themain indication areas.

Sole therapy with skin illnesses

Success is achieved above all with skinillnesses like Neurodermitis by one withother health resort elements (e. g. ,food, ordinal therapy, etc. ) enlargedsole therapy.

  • 89,00
  • T1 Thermaltage
  • Use the ANGERHOF Vitaltherm ewith thermal water pool and sauna world
    1 entry à 2 hours in the bath WörishoferTherme
    1 massage for good sensations (approx. 30 minutes)
    2 Kneipp-Wellnessanwendungen
    1 sound bowl massage (approx. 30 minutes)
  • recommended from 2 days
    Price without room

»If the water is to be received for the healthyperson superior means his health andstrength, it is also the most natural andeasiest remedy.«

(S. Kneipp)

Therme Bad Wörishofen

A pleasure for the soul and the senses –in the  THERME Bad Wörishofen become holiday dreams true. Architectural landmark is the gigantic, glass dome completely to be opened at18-metre height. The clear constructionof steel and glass flows through the bathalso in murky weather with cheering upbrightness. If it is brought up on warmsummer days, the sun seems in everycorner of the 5,000-m²-South Pacificparadise.

The thermal water under the up to 14-metre-high palms the bath THERMEWörishofen is accredited as a healingwater to enjoy in eight differentwashbasins. In this are offered attemperatures between 34 ° and 38°Calso sulphur, iodine-containing and sole-containing waters.

On mineral water lying, in massagenozzles as well as in the temple withwaterfalls and cervical showering bodiesand mind find relaxation. At the latest inthe fragrant flower washbasin the lasteveryday thought also gives way to theultimative holiday feeling.

The unique attraction enlarged in 2012 of the Allgäus with 15 different saunasexpects sauna company. Noblematerials, affectionate details andprofessional infusions provide forenthusiasm.

Who likes it more sportily, pulls in theswimmer’s washbasin of the blue FUN, the fun & family bath his roads, letsitself in the highlight, the 140-metre-long summer canyon of the currentdurchwirbeln or enjoys itself on thechildren’s slides. Children find here herparadise: it will be able to change slided, bathed and played, far away from thequiet Thermenbereich, in the parentsany time.

The ANGERHOF service

Guests of the ANGERHOF’s receiveimproved tickets in the hotel adoption!