Wellness Massages

all Massages only from Monday to Saturday


You release the purest, fragrant ethereal oils in connection with a massage from stress, raise your spirits and strengthen the health.

hole body massage: 59,00 EUR (ca. 60 Minutes)
back massage: 31,00 EUR (ca. 30 Minutes)

Pantai Luar

You sweet-talk pleasantly warm, exotic smells with this unforgettable treatment. They are massaged with a handmade fruit stamp which is heated up in an exclusive Salbungsöl on 120 ° C. This treatment gets going the Repair system of your body and stimulates the blood circulation and the hermit monk’s innovation.

Back treatment: 46. 00 EUR (approx. 30 minutes)
Whole body treatment: 79. 00 EUR (approx. 60 minutes)


With this massage the whole body is pretreated first with a refreshing Lemongrassöl. Afterwards the warm herbal stamps on the body are pressed and knocked off. By pressure and warmth the skin pores open and the herbs can unfold her wholesome effect. A depth relaxation is built up.
74. 00 EUR (approx. 60 minutes)

Sound bowls massage

 We use only original tibetanische sound bowls, these are made out of 12 metals directly in Nepal.
The wholesome oscillations of the bowls spread out – like light waves on the water surface – by the whole body.
This sound meditation stimulates the body his own harmonious frequency to find and thereby helps him to the complete depth relaxation and to relief of spannings. Also by sleeping disturbances, headaches, indigestion as well as with joint problems and many things more this therapy is used successfully.
Back use: 31. 00 EUR (approx. 30 minutes)
Whole body use: 60. 00 EUR (approx. 60 minutes)

Combination of sound bowl and Phonophorese

Treatment with vocal forks on Akupuntur-and Chakrapunkte.
46. 00 EUR (approx. 60 minutes)

Hot Stone

If a massage with warmed up basalt stones is their origin in Asia has rooted. While the warm stones dipped in oil glide over your body, the balance is restored between body and soul and is strengthened.
The depth warmth of the stones looks relaxing and reassuring, the body is relieved of the stress. A relief for body, mind and soul!

60. 00 EUR (approx. 60 minutes)

Lomi-Lomi Massage

Lomi is the hawaiianische expression for massage and is meant: »press, play with plasticine, rub – work in Inside and Outside«. Dive one in the magic of the South Pacific with hawaiianischen sounds. Allow yourselves relaxation at all levels. Experience the Aloha principle in quite a new way.

Lomi Lomi Nui: 46. 00 EUR (approx. 40 minutes)
Lomi Intensely: 89. 00 EUR (approx. 90 minutes)

HAMAM – hot Stone

The generous surface of treatment is heated and predestines for peelings and body treatments.

Lather ablution

For intensive body cleaning and care. Fragrantly fortified lather is massaged with natural bristles. Afterwards a gentle manual Ausstreichung of the body occurs. The skin becomes soft and smooth, she seems refreshed on account of the promoted blood circulation and cultivated. An optimum preparation on next sauna ways!

30. 00 EUR (approx. 20 minutes)


Do you wish velvet-soft skin refines itself? Then our peelings are the right thing for you! Our peelings clean deeply and release the skin from dead little scales. Besides, they make especially receptively for all following nursing treatments.

A mixture of Breton sea salt and delightfully fragrant oils provides for a well supplied with blood and tender skin without creamy remains.

With this use from nightmare herbs and ethereal oils the skin is purified, detoxified and cleared softly. A special smell spreads pleasant sensation, stimulates the blood circulation and lets the skin freshly and rosy shine.

28. 00 EUR (approx. 20 min. )


 Enjoy the pleasant sensation to float on the water! According to your personal needs you have the choice between:

Perfect example for charm and natural beauty. Cleopatra trusted in milk and honey for the beauty care. Valuable oils and essence provide for a soft and smooth feeling which accompanies you for a longer time.

Comfort Spa Men
High-quality care with Aloe-Vera and different oils, especially for the dry and claimed man’s skin.


A humidity-making a donation and back-greasing special treatment for the sensitive, dry and rough skin. It is also used successfully with Neurodermitis.
Alga purification
Based on the use of select seaweeds. By her high portion in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals the algae of the skin donate humidity, activate the metabolism and purify. Recommendable also with arthrosis, arthritis and furnace mouth.

Rügener Heilkreide
Thanks to the mineral composition and the especially fine Körnung are taken away from the skin fat, water and Schlackstoffe. The chalk is suited very well for the treatment of joint illnesses, circulatory problems as well as to the pain relief.

The sudorific bath looks purifying, detoxifying and skin-cleaning. With rheumatic tables discomfort and spannings one achieves a clear relief.

 36. 00 EUR
Do not apply with heart circulation, acute cold or veins illnesses!

In the Angerhof Vitaltherme you can bring body and soul again in harmony. Kidnap yourselves in the world of the relaxation, the smells and the well-being! Themselves drop, enjoy and recover – time for himself!

Orientalisches Rhasulbad

 Magic of the Orient – with the oriental Rhasulbad select nursing muds come to the use which are tuned from well to roughly to the body regions and work like a peeling.
The bather puts some ointment on himself in the heated herbal steam bath in the whole body with the natural muds. The different muds easily dry in the body.
A pleasant smell fulfils the space with the first steam push. There follow several steam pushes which allow to tingle the skin pleasantly. Besides, the bather rubs the remedial mud – what has a very actual peeling effect. After about 30 minutes the nursing muds are rinsed off by the skin.
At the end of the treatment the mud is washed and the body with a maintaining Rhasulöl is rubbed.
The Rhasulbad looks relaxing, purifies the skin, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the bandage fabric.

Our recommendation! 
Combine the Rhasulbad with a maintaining and relaxing aromatic oil massage (approx. 30 minutes) for an especially favorable price.

Prics per Person forRhasulbadinkluding Massage
2 Persons
24,00 EUR52,00 EUR
3 Persons
20,00 EUR48,00 EUR
4 Persons
18,00 EUR46,00 EUR