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Natural welfare practise in ANGERHOF

The medicine is the oldest achievement of the human culture.

The first medicine was the natural welfare customer from whom then only millenniums developed later the scientific medicine.

This remedial talent of the first healers also is even today an essential component of the remedial-practical activity.

The knowledge about the variety of the therapeutic possibilities and to us of the nature to given selfhealing forces are the base the today’s natural welfare customer.

The remedial practical people get on as a keeper of this “medicine of experience”, however, are open for new knowledge useful to the patient.

Thus remedial practical people connect medical knowledge which is based on ancient experiences, with modern methods of the newest research, as far as these can be integrated into a gentle and human medicine.

Remedial practical person is an activity name protected in Germany for people who own a state permission according to the German remedial practical person’s law.

The remedial customer of the remedial practical person is regardless of time currents.

His independent activity serves the statement, relief and healing of illnesses for the purposes of comprehensive thinking.

Natural welfare practise consultation

15,00 EUR (ca. 15 Minutes)
29,00 EUR (ca. 30 Minutes)

To all-inclusive

Purification and decontamination cure

Wrong eating habits and drinking habits, irregular food, stress and lacking movement lead with the time to aggregations of metabolism remains in the body.

Our body often clearly informs us that something has got from the balance. Everybody knows the results:

  • Bluthochdruck
  • High blood pressure
  • Indigestion (failure, blockage or heartburn)
  • Overweight as a base illness up to illness on the tape and joint apparatus
  • Allergies / infection susceptibility
  • Migraine
  • Müdigkeit/Erschöpfungszustände/Schlafstörungen
  • Chronic eczemas

We are able because it is easy and comfortable “tablets” swallow to relieve the symptoms – or we reflect on our selfhealing forces around the imbalance radically to remove. Our purification and decontamination cure helps you to activate your selfhealing forces and shows you like you in future healthier life are able

Base cure

A cause for many illnesses can be found in an imbalance of our mineral household. Wrong food and our “modern” life-style bring the acid cousin’s household of our body easily in the imbalance. With results for our health.

Our health resort draught of the basic body cleaning is own mixture of uses and principles, in that
Natural welfare customer are known and are proved itself.

The uses are complemented with natural-pure juices, teas, basic salts, sauna, steam bath, specific movement programme and food rich in mineral substance.

  • beggins from 339,00
  • H1 Entschlackungs- oder Basenkur
  • Detailed investigation and consultation with individual remedial plant regulation – discussion of the best therapy position and next production of an individual therapy plan (approx. 45 minutes).
    Food consultation or talk (approx. 40 minutes)

    Weekly supporting programme: 
    calorie-optimised or acid-diminished eating plan
    (Breakfast, midday court, light evening menu)
    Interconversation or final conversationdaily
    2 natural-pure remedial plant juices or teas
    8 purifying or neutralising Kneipp exapplications
    1 peeling by wish
    2 whole body compresses or 1 cobases full bath
    2 lymphatic drainages (approx. 30 minutes)
    1 breathing exercises
    2 Aqua fitness
    Sauna and steam bath, among other things with salt peeling, infusion ceremony, etc.
    For home: in order to continue your cure a remedial plant juice

  • for 7 days: 339. 00 EUR plus room with half board
    for 14 days: 619. 00 EUR plus room with half board
    for 21 days: 899. 00 EUR plus room with half board